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Parks and Trails

Hines Drive Saturday in the Park
A six mile section of Hines Drive is closed to automobiles from Outer Drive Road going west to Ann Arbor Trail, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every Saturday from May 2 through September 26, 2009 for walking, cycling, or inline skating. Parking is available at the Nankin Mills Picnic Area (Hines Drive and Ann Arbor Trail). Drive past the first barricades and park in the paved lot on the left (before second barricades).

The Metroparks have some of the best trails around and there's several to choose from but only the Metroparks listed below have trails for skating.
Metro Beach A 2 mile flat paved trail leads through the park and connects to the trail along Metro Parkway.
Stoney Creek A 6.2 mile loop around the lake.
Indian Springs An 8 mile, mostly flat trail, with one big hill, takes you through a heavily wooded area.
Kensington An 8.5 mile loop with plenty of hills around the lake. Helmets ARE REQUIRED for skaters, cyclists or any other wheeled devices.
Hudson Mills A 3.5 mile paved trail offers beautiful views of a lagoon and the Huron River. Flat terrain
Lower Huron The paved hike-bike trail, a little over 4 miles in length, connects to Willow and Oakwoods Metroparks for a longer, 30-mile round trip
Willow A winding 4.5 mile paved trail circles the park and is connected to Oakwoods and Lower Huron Metroparks for a 30-mile round trip.
Oakwoods A 3 mile paved hike-bike trail is connected to Willow and Lower Huron Metroparks for a 30-mile round trip.

Island Lake A 4 mile paved trail that connects to Kensington and the Huron Valley Trail.

Huron Valley Trail Paved trail that runs from Wixom to South Lyon and connects to South Lyon Trail and Island Lake Trail.

Macomb Orchard Trail and Map page 2 The southern most portion of the trail from Dequindre to M-53 is paved and suitable for skating (approx 10.5 miles). The trail continues on to Richmond for a total distance of 23 miles but will have to be explored in 2009 to check trail conditions east of M-53.

Additional Trail Links

Note that trails listed below may not be paved or suitable for skating unless so stated.

www.MichiganTrails.org Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance

RailsToTrails.org Large list of trails

www.m-bike.org Cyclist website with trail info.

www.TrailsFromRails.com Michigan Rail Trails