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Who We Are

Welcome to WWW.SkateDetroit.ORG , home of the Farmington Inline Skate Club. The Farmington Inline Skate Club or FISC is located in Farmington, Michigan which is about 22 miles Northeast of downtown Detroit. We are the oldest inline skate club in the Detroit area dating back to 1994.

On Wednesdays from April 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009 we have our beginner/ intermediate level skate. Beginners or "never-evers" can take FREE lessons in the parking lot from certified National Skate Patrol members or USSG certified instructors . There are two loops, the first loop is 4-5 miles and is relatively flat. The second loop is about 7 miles and includes some hills. Both loops include a stop for refreshments and start and end in the parking lot. The skates are run by members of the National Skate Patrol (NSP) . The NSP members safely lead the skaters thru the streets calling out hazards such as cars or bad pavement. The NSP sweep skates in the back of the pack only as fast as the slowest skater to ensure no one gets left behind. Helmets and all protective gear is encouraged. The Wednesday skate is our largest and most social skate. Afterwards we stop at Page's for food and drinks.

On Mondays from May 6, 2009 to September 28, 2009 (excludes Memorial Day and Labor Day) we also have an intermediate/advanced skate . The pace is faster over hillier terrain, distances vary from 15 to 25 miles. We recommend attending our Wednesday skate before attempting our Monday skate .

FISC Mission Statement

Farmington Inline Skate Club (FISC) was formed in July 1994, from a collection of professionals who were instructing and participating in the inline skating classes at Oakland Community College. Together we have been meeting Mondays and Wednesdays to skate in the Farmington area. As many as 50 people have participated in our skates, with the anticipation of growing to over 100 inline skaters. FISC is run by local residents of our community on a voluntary basis. Most of us are professional people who have taken up inline skating as a healthy, safe means of exercise. With our certified instructors and patrollers, and with the cooperation of the United Skates Schools Group (USSG) , we have scheduled beginner and intermediate fun skates on a weekly basis. Though most of the fun skates take place in and around Farmington residential areas, we stop at local business establishments for breaks and rest stops. FISC promotes:

  • All local ordinances
  • The use of all protective gear and safety equipment
  • The downtown Farmington area businesses.
  • Local activities for members to enjoy
  • Lessons for beginner and intermediate skaters
  • The IISA Rules of the Road:
    Skate Safe
    Skate Legal
    Skate Alert
    Skate Polite

Member Info

A one year FISC membership costs $25.00 and expires Jan. 1, 2010. Some membership benefits include:
  • FISC T-shirt and the ability to purchase tank tops ($12) or long sleeve shirts ($20) or moisture-wicking (limited availibility)
  • Bi-monthly newsletter (6 issues).
  • Discounts on skates, equipment and club trips.
  • Weekly group skates and weekend trips to other skating cities and events.
  • Free lessons available from a USSG certified instructor in the parking lot at the Wednesday skates. (Instructors usually charge at least $25 per hour for lessons, so this is a great bargain).
  • Info on skate news, events and equipment.
  • Free classified ads in club newsletter.

Join FISC Today!

To join FISC print out the membership form, fill out and bring it with $25 to one of our skates or send it to our mailing address. For questions call the FISC hotline at: (248) 426-9144 or email us at: fisc@skatedetroit.org